The Miacats become The True Colours...

Hey friends new and old!

Mia here. Welcome to our new blog, on our new site, with our new name! Veeery exciting! Well, for us anyway... 

So why the name change? Fair question. Haven't we all had enough unexpected changes recently?!!

Like many other people around the world, 2020 left us reeling. Our livelihoods as gigging musicians nose-dived with the pandemic, combined with months at sea, not knowing when we'd be able to touch land again (the story of our mistimed gig on a ship cruising around Asia in Jan 2020 can be the subject of another blog post for another day!). 

We came to the conclusion that being musicians will be even more unpredictable that it was, at least for a while. We love what we do but like everyone else, we will have to adapt and learn new things, to try new things, and to consider doing things differently. We may have approached this a little too literally with a new name... but it's all part of 'turning a new page' vibe. 

The Miacats started as jam sessions with friends, gig in pubs and grew to being a regularly gigging duo, trio and band, depending on the gig. It had always been fun and the road trips legendary, with a trusty crew of SUPERB musicians, that I could never quite believe were up for playing a gig with me! Big love to my Miacats accomplices past and present, I would not change the good times and lifelong friendships for the world.

It's now evolved into an ongoing collaboration between me and Dan. Having met playing as last minute substitutes in another band, we became a couple and clicked musically as well. He's a talented guitarist, bassist and singer so he's pretty useful to have on board (he'll refute those claims like the self-deprecating Midlands-raised guy he is!). We have now travelled to over 40 countries as a duo, we have arranged hundreds of tunes together, played countless gigs, and more recently, we're getting stuck into recording, and even started releasing our covers. We had to do something when all our gigs were cancelled!

So we settled on a new chapter as 'The True Colours'. There's a little story behind it that we'll share in another post. (Big hint, it's nautical.)

Lastly, a humungous and heart-felt shout out to those people who have supported us over the past year. Our crew mates and the team at Celebrity Cruises, who got us safely home, the clients that have rebooked us and rebooked again as events get postponed, our agents and long standing clients, the past clients that have commissioned us to record songs for them, people we've met on our travels who got in touch to check in, fellow musicians and creatives who've helped us out with advice and knowledge.... Most of all our families, who have seen A LOT more of us that they ever could have predicted in the lockdowns! Thank you. 

Let us know what you think of the new name, we hope to be sharing some more things soon! 

Mia x

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